What has Generator South West been given permission to build?

The consented proposals include:

  • 140 new home (96 apartments and 44 houses)
  • A new landscaped public open space, linking the wider Greenbank neighbourhood with the Bristol & Bath Railway Path;
  • An independent retail/cafe unit;
  • Flexible workshop units for creative enterprises;
  • 147 new car parking spaces for residential and commercial uses

What has happened so far?

Since buying the site in April 2014 Generator South West has:

  • Set up a dedicated project website and Twitter feed to get initial ideas for the redevelopment of the site from the local community
  • Held a design workshop at Easton Community Centre to discuss the community’s ideas and produce a ‘sketch’ masterplan
  • Listened to the local community’s feedback on the ‘sketch’ masterplan at a public consultation event held at Easton Community centre in July 2014
  • Came up with a more detailed masterplan based on feedback received at the first public event and put this on display at a second event in September 2014
  • Held a third round of public consultation events in February 2015, at which detailed plans were on display and final feedback sought
  • Carefully assessed the overall viability and technical constraints of the site, alongside all of the feedback from the local community, and revised the scheme to help achieve the community’s identified aspirations by proposing further building retention
  • Developed detailed plans and drawings submitted to Bristol City Council in the form of a full planning application in December 2015
  • Secured Detailed Planning Consent in June 2017

When is construction going to start?

Construction will begin on 15th November 2018. 

How long will construction take?

At this stage, we anticipate it taking 2 years to complete construction. This is dependent however on a number of factors such as weather and sales rates so is subject to change. 

How will the site be accessed during construction? 

The site access point for all materials, plant and personnel will be at the eastern end of the site off Greenbank Road. The existing vehicle access gate will be set back from the road during working hours to allow delivery vehicles to immediately pull off the road prior to sorting access onto the site. 

The holding bay will negate the need for vehicles to be waiting on the road outside. A separate pedestrian access gate will provide segregated access for anyone arriving on site on foot. 

The site will be arranged to allow all vehicles to be able to turn within the site and avoid the need for reversing onto or off the site. Larger vehicles will be managed on and off site utilising a trained banksman as required. 

How will the site be secured during construction? 

Access gates to the site will be secured at all times when not in use. A gateman will control the vehicle access gate during working hours. 24 hours security will be on site from 15th November.