What has Generator South West been given permission to build?

The consented proposals include:

  • 140 new homes (96 apartments and 44 houses)
  • £1.096 million Community Infrastructure Levy and S106 contributions
  • c16,250 sq ft of flexible work space, café/bar, commercial, retail and community space
  • A new landscaped public open space,
  • New access onto the Bristol & Bath Railway Path

When will construction take place?

Construction is currently underway and work takes place between the hours listed below:

Monday - Friday: 07:30hrs - 18.00hrs

Saturday: 08:00hrs - 13:00hrs  

How will the site be accessed during construction? 

The site access point for all materials, plant and personnel will be at the eastern end of the site off Greenbank Road. The existing vehicle access gate will be set back from the road during working hours to allow delivery vehicles to immediately pull off the road prior to sorting access onto the site. 

The holding bay will negate the need for vehicles to be waiting on the road outside. A separate pedestrian access gate will provide segregated access for anyone arriving on site on foot. 

The site will be arranged to allow all vehicles to be able to turn within the site and avoid the need for reversing onto or off the site. Larger vehicles will be managed on and off site utilising a trained banksman as required. 

How will the site be secured during construction? 

Generator South West is committed to ensuring that the site is safe and secure at all times. As such we are working with our contractors to employ security presence from 17.00hrs-07.00hrs on weekdays as well as 24-hour security over the weekend.

Generator South West has recently met with Avon and Somerset Police to ensure that any anti-social behaviour onsite is mitigated.
If you have any concerns about trespassing or anti-social behaviour on site please contact the local police.

How are vibrations being controlled?

Generator South West understands that there is ongoing resident concerns regarding the vibrations that have been
occurring on and around the site during the current phase of construction works.

Generator South West continues to take this issue very seriously and is working with the contractor to ensure that those involved in construction activity on site cause as little disruption to the local community as possible.

It is worth highlighting that it is a requirement that the existing vibration monitoring equipment remains whilst
Sweet Construct is working on site in order to continuously measure any vibration to ensure that it remains within
industry-wide thresholds. 

How are dust problems being mitigated?

Generator South West take the issue of dust and air quality seriously. In order to mitigate this, the contractor regularly dampens down dust on site and uses specialist equipment to control and capture dust particles to minimise the amount that travels beyond the site.

Following recent correspondence from local residents, the contractor is in the process of reviewing ways of working and is seeking to implement further measures to address these concerns moving forwards.