Sweet Construct has now been appointed to start work on site and the timeline below outlines the key activities that will be undertaken in the next few months.

• Site set-up including unit for construction staff
• Scaffolding erection to Block F
• Delivery of construction plant equipment
• Commence reduced level dig to Block E and Terrace 2
• Remove excess material from site
• Start internal and external structural repairs to Block C
• Start the erection of scaffolding to Block C
• Start the removal of roof tiles from Block F

• Start the removal and renewal of the roof structure to Block C
• Start the internal fit out of Block C
• Completion of structural repairs to Block D
• Start the internal strip out of Block F

• Continue excavations and removal of excess material from site
• Continue internal scaffolding and strip-out of Block F
• Commence and complete the permanent site set up within Block C
• Commence the installation of flooring