Construction forward look w/c 1st June

29 May 2020

We are pleased to provide the following information regarding planned construction activity for the week commencing 1st June. Please note that the work we have planned may sometimes change. We will do our best to keep you updated with any material changes that may affect you.  

We will be continuing the installation of perimeter scaffolding to the four corners of Block D along with work to the concrete frame.  With regards to Block F, we will continue the erection of scaffolding to the front and interior of the building while making minor adjustments to the existing scaffolding on other elevations. Work to strip materials from the roof and remove the roof structure remains ongoing, using a temporary water supply to help reduce dust and debris as we do this. Other ongoing work in this area includes the removal of blockwork to both the front and rear elevations by our workforce on the scaffolding, continuation of the excavation to the ground internally and the installation of drainage runs externally, using excavators, dumpers, diggers and rollers both inside and outside. Elsewhere on site, concrete deliveries are expected during the course of the week as we continue with the foundations to Block F and Terrace 4. New brickwork will be commencing to Block E and Terrace 2 adjacent to Co-operation Road.

A towable water bowser remains in use to dampen down work areas around the site on a regular basis. We continue to monitor noise and vibration levels daily which remain within permitted levels; however, following resident feedback we are implementing processes to reduce the impact of the generator located adjacent to Green Oak Crescent by procuring an acoustic quilt which will shroud the generator and reduce the noise impact to the neighbouring properties. We are currently awaiting delivery of the acoustic quilt and will update accordingly.

On social media please follow @ChocFactoryBris on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as we will keep this updated with any relevant news and updates. For those without regular access to digital media, a community noticeboard has now been erected on the hoarding at the entrance to site on Greenbank Road.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding work activities at any time please email