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Generator South West, part of the wider Generator Group, is focussed on providing deliverable solutions to a wide range of residential and mixed-use development, investment and partnership opportunities.

We are already working in Bristol, having developed and now selling the successful Huller & Cheese buildings, overlooking the Floating Harbour. The conversion of the 19th century building was meticulous in preserving its architectural heritage.

Generator is continuing to invest in new properties in Bristol as we believe that it is an exciting and vibrant time for the city, and we are keen to use our expertise to deliver regeneration schemes in the community that will stand the test of time.


Based in Bristol, Bath Demolition is a family run company which has extensive experience of delivering projects across Bristol and the South West for over 20 years. Bath Demolition has been the choice of top building companies across a number of large projects including hospitals, schools and new housing developments. Working in close partnership with recognised experts in both Health & Safety and site remediation they uphold the highest industry standards to provide confidence to clients and the communities in which they work.

Bath Demolition is able to provide a holistic service which includes:
• Demolition and site clearance
• Concrete crushing and recycling
• Decommissioning and remediation
• Health and safety monitoring